The Course

Embark on a journey where the timeless art of architecture meets the cutting-edge advancements of artificial intelligence! This workshop dives deep into the integration of AI within the architectural process, unraveling how these smart algorithms can revolutionize the way we design and build spaces. We'll explore topics like generative design, automated planning, and machine learning in energy optimization. Picture creating structures that not only push the aesthetic envelope but are also tailored by AI to maximize efficiency and sustainability.

Now, imagine using these innovative tools to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive world of architecture. By attending, you'll not only get a handle on how AI can streamline workflows but also gather insights on applying intelligent design strategies to real-world projects. Whether you're looking to buff up your firm’s portfolio or eager to inject some tech-forward thinking into your creations, this is where you'll get the know-how. After the workshop, participants will leave with a newfound appreciation for the potential of AI in architecture, ready to craft the smart, adaptive spaces of tomorrow.

What you will learn

When we put together this workshop, we focused on your journey from curiosity about AI in architecture to real-world application. Trust me, whether you're just dipping your toes or ready to dive headfirst into the intersection of technology and design, this is the place for you. What we've got is a carefully tailored, comprehensive program allowing you, as a beginner, to grasp the essentials of AI in architecture while getting your hands dirty with practical, hands-on exercises. It’s structured yet flexible so you can learn at your own pace, making sure you come away with a solid understanding and the confidence to apply what you’ve learned. Plus, it's packed with resources and support to help you navigate the complexities of AI — all organized to help you make the most of your learning experience.


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Your instructor

Filipe Boni brings a rich blend of academic rigor and real-world experience to the "Architecture AI Workshop - May 24th." As an educator and a practitioner in the intersecting realms of architecture and artificial intelligence, Filipe has spent years exploring and pushing the frontiers of how AI can transform traditional architectural concepts and methodology. His extensive background in both disciplines positions him as a pioneer in the integration of machine learning with architectural design, fostering innovative solutions to complex, contemporary challenges.

Filipe’s enthusiasm for the subject is rooted in a deep-seated belief that the synergy between AI and architecture can yield transformative results for urban spaces and living environments. This passion is the driving force behind his involvement with the "Architecture AI Workshop." By sharing his knowledge, insights, and visionary outlook, Filipe aims to equip his students with the tools to harness AI's potential in creating more efficient, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing architectural designs, ensuring that the next generation of architects is ready to meet the future head-on with creative and technologically advanced solutions.


Exploring the Frontier of Automated Design


Hands-On Strategies for AI in the Built Environment


Shaping the Future of Construction with AI Insights